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Online Bullying is when some people are deliberately mean to other people using technology.

This can happen on Social Networks, e-mail, texts, messages or gaming, in fact any misuse of

electronic technology. It is particularly upsetting, as the target of the bullying feels they cannot

escape from the abuse and it often happens with a large online audience. Furthermore, as

the ‘bullies’ can’t see your reaction face to face they often carry on with serious consequences. 

Do you know what do if…

Someone sends you a mean text? 

Someone impersonates you online? 

The first thing you should remember is that you are not alone- tell someone you can trust straight

away, save the evidence and block and report the person to the site (if on Social Network) 

Secondly – don’t retaliate as this can encourage the person who is bullying you and you may

get drawn into an argument online as things often escalate this way. Remember, bullying is

about power and a reaction so the ‘bully’ will ‘win’ this way. 

If you have received mean text messages – save the evidence using screenshots, tell a responsible adult who can help report them to your mobile phone provider who can block the number for you. 

Take a look at your ‘online’ life and friendship list- are you sharing more than you thought? Do you really know and trust everyone- it is better to be in control! Remember your online life is never private, someone, somewhere can find and share it, you can check your privacy settings are set to ‘private’ as a precaution. 

Think about what you post, before you upload that picture of your friend that you think is hilarious, check with them first- it may not be funny for them. 

Read your emails and texts before you send them, sarcasm does not translate via the internet and many people upset people without intending to. 

We want all children, young people, parent and carers to have access to relevant up to date advice. 

It’s simple really; be kind and safe OFFLINE = be kind and safe ONLINE. 

On this page you will find some examples of good practice from our own schools along with some references to useful websites.

Advice about Online Bullying
Video Links
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